Приобретение билетов в режиме онлайн

Выберите одну из нижеперечисленных лотерей , нажмите 'Играть сейчас' и отметьте ваши счастливые номера. Компания Icelotto предлагает перечень самых больших мировых лотерей,таких как: Powerball (США) ,MegaMillons (США), а также EuroMillions (Европа).

Джекпот предстоящих лотерейных тиражей

Безопасная покупка лотерейных билетов

Icelotto использует наивысшие уровни защиты для обеспечения безопасности и защищенности ваших платежных реквизитов. Покупка вашего лотерейного билета осуществляется в цифровом формате через надежные сервера - EV SSL, выданные компанией GeoTrust.

Automated Ticket Scan & Winning Transfer service:

As part of our service, all the tickets you purchase will be scanned and uploaded to your personal account up to 30 min. before each draw. After the draw, we publicize the results and automatically calculate your winnings according to the numbers you matched. All your winnings are then transferred to your account and are showing as ‘Real Money’ on your Account’s balance. At any given time, you can request to withdraw your winnings and receive your money to your bank account.

Worldwide Lottery Collection:

We have collected the biggest and most lucrative lottery games from around the world, so at any given time you can play to win the biggest lotto jackpots in the world. When it comes to winning the lottery, big jackpots is not everything. On our lottery collection you can find lotteries such as the UK Lotto, BonoLotto and Lotto649 which are lotteries who may not have the biggest jackpots, but have the highest winnings chances. The 6/49 lotteries have much better winning odds than the big jackpot lotteries. Although the winnings would be significantly smaller, they would also be significantly more frequent. Having a couple of big jackpot lotteries such as the Mega Millions, Powerball or Euromillions in addition to a couple of 6/49 lotteries would make your lottery portfolio a winner. This way you would combine a few big jackpot lotteries, so you will have a chance to win big and become a multi-millionaire with a few best odds lotteries, to get you some nice winnings until you hit that big jackpot. Thanks to our hand-picked variety of lotteries, if you play it smart you will never lose the lottery. It doesn’t take any specialty or expertise to win the lottery, just playing it smart aiming big and always combining lotteries that will get those winnings coming to keep you going.

Improve your odds with a Group purchase:

We now offer the opportunity to join lottery groups started by our own VIP members. Each member started a group for the lottery of his choice with up to 150 available seats for each draw. Anyone can join at any given time, as long as there are available seats, and play with 50 lines per draw. You can instantly increase your winning odds to any lotto game you choose. The group owners chose themselves the lucky numbers for each lottery, taking into account that some lotteries have extra bonus numbers. For those specific lotteries, all possible combinations of the extra bonus numbers are picked so there is a guaranteed win on every draw.