PowerBall Lottery Results

The Powerball, an American lottery game, is considered among the all-time favorite lotteries in the country. Many Americans play this lottery game in the hopes of winning millions of dollars in just one night. The jackpot prize is at least $40 million and can go higher.

PowerBall Winning Numbers

Prize Breakdown

Payout Per Winner
1 Prize
5 +1 Extra
No Winner
2 Prize
3 Prize
4 +1 Extra
4 Prize
5 Prize
3 +1 Extra
6 Prize
7 Prize
2 +1 Extra
8 Prize
1 +1 Extra
9 Prize
0 +1 Extra

US Powerball Latest Results

The most common number picking strategies, especially for those new to the game, is using memorable numbers like birthdays, anniversaries, and others. Quick Pick is also another favorite by frequent players. There’s no need to brood over which numbers to play. The machine randomly chooses numbers for the player. Some players swear with sticking with the same number every time.

US Powerball Statistics

Others have their own strategies, like using frequently drawn numbers. US Powerball’s most frequently drawn numbers (hot numbers) are 02, 09, 33, 49, and 54. Most frequently drawn additional numbers (the ‘Powerball’) are 14; 28; 49 and 54. Least chosen numbers are 15, 51, 37, 47, 12, 04, and 24.

For the Powerball, number 30 hasn’t been chosen for the last draws. Common sense says that the more Powerball jackpot tickets you buy- the more chances you have of getting winning numbers. Instead of picking up an extra two or three Powerball jackpot tickets, perhaps a smarter participation choice will be the US Powerball- ‘Group Purchase’. This feature allows you to take part in a share pool along with other icelotto customers, in which case you automatically increase your winning odds by covering more numbers’ combinations and a lower participation amount.