Lottery Winnings odds and information

Find the official lottery numbers, guess range, next jackpot and winning odds for all the biggest lotteries in the world including the EuroMillions Lotto , USA Powerball Lottery , Spain's El Gordo , European Euro-Jackpot and the Mega Millions here.

Who can buy lottery tickets online?

It used to be that only people living in a particular jurisdiction could buy the lottery tickets licensed for that area. This meant that many people the world over missed out on playing, and therefore having a chance of winning, some of the most lucrative lotteries in the world. Also, there was always the time factor involved in going and purchasing tickets for the lotteries that run even in the area you live in.

Now, being limited in buying lottery tickets is most definitely a thing of the past. With lottery sites such as, anybody can buy lottery tickets online.

Everybody who owns a computer or mobile device can have access to all the greatest lotteries, and buy tickets when it suits them.

Who can buy lottery tickets online then? Everyone! Where to buy your tickets? On To buy your tickets on icelotto, you just need to sign up to become a member. Then, choose the lottery for which you want to purchase a ticket. No need to work out where to buy tickets for additional lotteries as they are all listed on the lottery info page of the site. You can buy tickets for as many lotteries as you like from those listed, giving you excellent chances of winning.

multiple prizes. Maybe even a jackpot or two!

How to play online lotteries

Playing lotteries online is really very simple. At, there is a range of lotteries to choose from, from Europe, the US and Canada.

At icelotto, all you need to do is sign up and you are on your way. By visiting the Lottery Winnings Odds and Information page, you will be given a full run down of each of the lotteries we provide. You can find out all about which country the lottery is run in, the winning odds, the amount of the next jackpot, and what the guess range of the particular lottery is.

Clicking on ‘More Info’ for any one of the lotteries will give you even more extensive information on the lottery, from the prize breakdown to the history of the lottery itself. You can also find out the winning statistics.

Armed with this information, you can make an informed decision about which lottery or lotteries you would like to play. Then, just select play lotteries, choose the lottery you want, and begin choosing your numbers. You may like to choose the ‘Quick Pick’ option, letting the computer choose your lucky numbers for you, or a group purchase, where you can have as many as 150 seats in a group ran by other members, increasing your odds of winning exponentially. Choosing multiple tickets per draw, as well as choosing to enter your ticket or tickets in multiple draws can also really make a difference to your chances of winning.

Once you have played your lottery, all you need to do is purchase your ticket or tickets. Purchasing tickets for more than one draw will give you a discount on the ticket sale. You can buy your tickets for up to 100 draws in advance, and each time you include yourself in more draws, the discount on your purchase increases.

The results of all our lotteries are displayed on our results page in real-time, meaning that you can find out if you have won as soon as the lottery results are out. This means there is no difference between buying online or at the local lottery agency in terms of finding out if you have won.

How to plan a lottery strategy

When choosing to make playing online lotteries a regular pastime, it is a good idea to plan and implement a good lottery strategy.

With the variety of lotteries on offer, there are a few things to consider when creating your lottery strategy.

First of all, it is good to choose from lotteries that differ in winning odds and guess range. Those with higher odds have a lower chance of winning, but low odds indicate a greater chance of winning. For example, odds of 1:32 mean that 1 in 32 people will win. Odds of 1:12 mean that for every 12 people who play, one of those people will win. Often but not always, the less chance of winning a lottery usually means that the amount to be won is higher. Guess range is important because more people are likely to win if the guess range is smaller. Choosing 6 numbers out of 49 means you are much more likely to choose at least some of the correct numbers compared to choosing 6 numbers out of 90.

Try choosing some lotteries that have frequent payouts and some that have high rates of roll-over. Whereas frequent payouts indicate that you may win more often, lotteries that have a high roll-over rate generally have much higher jackpots, so if you are someone who can be patient in order to potentially make more money in the end they are well worth your patience.