NewYorkLotto Lottery Results

The New York Lottery is one of America's finest, with a starting jackpot of $2,000,000 and a guess range of 6 out of 59 numbers and that's all that is needed for a chance to make some major money! Drawn twice a week on Wednesday and Saturday nights, this Lottery is a must try!

NewYorkLotto Winning Numbers

Prize Breakdown

Payout Per Winner
1 Prize
No Winner
2 Prize
5 + Extra
3 Prize
4 Prize
5 Prize
6 Prize
No Winner

NY Results Online

Finding out the New York Lotto results is easy with icelotto. On our Results Page, you can find New York Lotto results in an instant. On the other hand, choosing the winning numbers can seem a bit challenging, especially to those new to playing the lottery. Most people who play lotteries choose their numbers according to family birthdays, anniversaries or other important dates. This may work well for some, but with icelotto’s Quick Pick option, the computer can help you out, picking the numbers randomly for you. It has been proven that Quick Pick picks winning numbers more often than doing it yourself.

NY Lotto Statistics

If you do wish to choose your own numbers, being in the know about how to maximize your chances of winning may affect the outcome very positively. New York Lotto's most frequently drawn numbers include 8, 20, 15, 25, 30 and 34. These numbers have all been drawn over 400 times, so there are pretty good odds that these numbers will be chosen on a regular basis.

The numbers to avoid are obviously those which are chosen the least are 58, 56, 59, 57 and 55. Another great way to maximize your chances of winning is to choose to enter more than one draw. You also receive discounts on your tickets as you enter more draws. Or be a part of a group, which is a proven way to increase your winning chances.