Loyalty Plan

  • icelotto’s VIP Club - Our Exclusive Loyalty Program

    1. We at icelotto have created an Exclusive Loyalty VIP Program to show our gratitude and appreciation to our loyal members. We have tailor-made an exclusive VIP program which is all about giving back to our valued customers. You will automatically receive VIP Points for every time you play our worldwide lotteries and as a VIP member- your account will be granted permanent discounts and bonus money for every purchase!
    1. Get Your Personal Account Manager

      1. As a VIP member you are entitled to Personal VIP service! You will be assigned with your own Personal VIP Account Manager that will update you on winnings, results, special jackpot alerts etc. Furthermore, our team of lotto professionals will customize special lottery packages to increase your winning odds!
    2. Where can I see how many VIP points I have earned ?

      1. Your points can be seen on several places throughout Icelotto.com. Your overall VIP points can always be seen on your icelotto account details. On every purchase you make you will see the sum of points you receive for that purchase at your 'Purchase-Summary – VIP Plan'.
    3. What does an icelotto VIP club member get?

      1. Each €1 spent = 1 VIP Point. The more you play the less you will pay! Our VIP Club allows several levels according to your points accumulations as follows: • Bronze Level (1000-8999 Points) - Enjoy 2.50% Cash Back in Bonus Money. • Silver Level (9000-29999) – Enjoy 5.00% Cash Back in Bonus Money + 1.00% additional discount on your purchase. • Gold Level (30000-99999 Points) – Enjoy 7.50% Cash Back in Bonus Money + 1.00% additional discount on your purchase. • Platinum Level (100000+ Points) – Enjoy 10% Cash Back in Bonus Money + 2.00% additional discount on your purchase.
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