Lotto649 Lottery Results

Canada’s famous Lotto 649 is well known and for a good reason. This is the first lottery game in its country that allowed players to choose their own numbers! Canadians are not the only ones who can play this lottery game. With icelotto; other players can also choose their numbers participate and win Lotto 649 through online lottery games.

Lotto649 Winning Numbers

Prize Breakdown

Payout Per Winner
1 Prize
2 Prize
5 + Extra
3 Prize
4 Prize
5 Prize
6 Prize
2 + Extra

Lotto 6/49 Results Checker

Winning is main goal here and that is why most lottery participants are using different strategies in order to grab the jackpot prize. Most of them use their favorite lucky numbers such as anniversaries or birthdays. Some even stick with the same numbers for every draw in the hopes of finally landing the grand prize. Other players study every draw and find which numbers are frequently showing in the draw and which does not.

Carefully studying the statistics of the lotto is what avid players do. ‘Quick Pick’ is another common and most preferred playing strategy that gives the player a combination of randomly chosen numbers. This is an easier choice for many players so as not to be bothered with number choices.

Canada 649 Statistics

The most common numbers drawn in Canada’s Lotto 649 are 34, 31, 40, 45, 20, and 43. These numbers have been drawn more than 400 times. The most frequent pairs are 20, 43 and 12, 43, appearing more than 60 times.