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US Powerball Results bring another Rollover!

The US Powerball results ended with a roll over last night, bringing the Jackpot to a fine $70 Million!
 The winning numbers are 1; 26; 34; 38; 51 and the additional number is 6.

There were 2 lucky winners were able to match 5 correct numbers with no additional number and bagged a secondary prize of $1 Million each!

There are 9 different ways to win the US Powerball, In order to win the Jackpot; one must to match all 5 numbers drawn along with an additional number (the Powerball). Many lottery fans are crunching numbers at this time, trying to figure their top picks for the upcoming draw in hope to claim the $70 Million, well, we at icelotto have taken the liberty of researching for the most effective numbers selection options for you:

The most common number picking strategies, especially for those who are new to this game are using memorable numbers like birthdays, anniversaries, and such. Quick Pick is also another practical solution- The machine will randomly choose numbers for you!

Do not forget to check the statistics:

US Powerball’s most frequently drawn numbers (hot numbers) are 02, 09, 33, 49, and 54.
Most frequently drawn additional numbers (the ‘Powerball’) are 14; 28; 49 and 54.  

Least chosen numbers are 15, 51, 37, 47, 12, 04, and 24.

Instead of picking up an extra two or three Powerball jackpot tickets, perhaps a smarter participation choice will be the US Powerball- ‘Group Purchase’. This feature allows you to take part in a share pool along with other icelotto customers, in which case you automatically increase your winning odds by covering more numbers’ combinations and a lower participation amount.

Either way, the next US Powerball Draw is coming up this Friday and you better make sure to have a ticket- with $70 Million in Jackpot and so many winning options- you too can be the next Millionaire!  


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