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Rollovers are not over

It seems like April is anything but a fool- with so many rollovers coming around and increasing Jackpots- this is the perfect time for all keen lottery fans. So what is there to expect?

Both US MegaMillions and US Powerball have rolled over.  The Powerball offers $50 Million for the next upcoming draw and the MegaMillions stars with $55 Million after there were no First and Second division winners in either of the American lotteries.
Canada Lotto 649 has also Rolled over and the estimated Jackpot stands on CAD$ 7 Million after no participant guessed correctly 6 drawn numbers.

BonoLoto currently stands on €500,000 after no one matched all 6 numbers, resulted a secondary prize claim of €16,8741.20 for guessing correctly 5 numbers plus an additional number. The Spanish El Gordo had no Jackpot Winner per the last draw. Even though this lottery had 9 Prize divisions- no lucky winner took the grand prize- bringing this great winning odds lottery to €6.3 Million.
EuroJackpot continues to roll over and now stands at €51 Million for the weekend lucky winner should he or she will guess correctly all numbers. All you need to do is to match 5 regular numbers along with 2 additional picks. Not sure how to? This is where we come in- Frequently drawn EuroJackpot Numbers are 6, 7, 9, 22, and 32. Frequently Drawn Additional numbers (Euro Numbers) are 5, 8, 4, 7 and 2.

The Europe EuroMillions follows with No Jackpot winner in previous draws and standing on €31 Million. The Pan European lottery needs no introduction when it comes to changing people’s lives. With 13 different ways to win, we at icelotto, will simply make sure you got all your numbers covered: EuroMillions’ most frequently drawn numbers are currently: 5142330 and 50.

The most frequently drawn EuroMilions’ additional numbers are- 3; 5; 8; 2 and 1.

The Italian SuperEnalotto is the most popular national lottery game in Italy and is played by millions of players each and every week. Draws take place every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, currently with a Jackpot of €7 Million! There are five categories of prizes that can be won in the lotto. All prizes are published on the icelotto results page together with its corresponding winning number combination.

As other Lottery results currently pending or have been won- make sure to also check our BLOG for great winning tips and numbers selection suggestions study based, your fortune is just around the corner, make sure to get a ticket!


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