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Rolling Jackpots all over!

It was a very busy week with Easter and all. Many of us were visiting family and friends and sitting together, celebrating. Another huge celebration was the rollover takeover that we have experienced this past week. It seems like 99% of all lotteries on icelotto have rolled over to a major jackpot for you to participate.

So let's see this week's Lottery results:
There was no jackpot winner on Tuesdays US MegaMillions draw and the Jackpot is currently on $39 million! Out of all participants only one lucky winner took home $1 million in prize by matching five correct numbers drawn. Right behind the MegaMillions- the US Powerball offers you now blissful $80 Million for the grand prize- all you need to do is to match all numbers correctly. New York Lotto now offers $14.1 Million after no one guessed all numbers correctly. It seems like American lotteries are in sync since there was no Jackpot winner and secondary prize was won by only one ticket- that is a million dollar in the pocket

It is the week of the Spanish lotteries, when all 3 on the rise. One lucky participant guessed correctly 5 main numbers and an additional number along with it! The next Jackpot is currently €6.3 Million. Spain-El Gordo has given its secondary prize winner €165,235 after matching 5 correct numbers. The next Jackpot is €5.8 Million! The Spanish BonoLoto broke this week's Spanish lottery strike by having no Jackpot and secondary prize winners. Third division won €4,081.57 after matching 5 numbers correctly. Current Jackpot is now on €800,000!

The UK Lotto has credited one lucky secondary prize winner a fair amount of £104,598 for matching 5 numbers Plus the additional number correctly. Next estimated Jackpot is £5.9 Million!
The Italian SuperEnalotto offers €5.8 Million for its next upcoming draw's Jackpot after there
Were no first or second prize winners. Canada Lotto649 gave away CAD$77,456.40 to one
lucky participant who matched 5 correct numbers along with an additional one and it is not too late for you to try this high winning odds lottery for a chance to win up to CAD$10 Million! Europe- EuroJackpot kept European Lottery fans alert after there were no correct guesses and qualified one secondary prize winner with a respected amount of €1,167,073.90, bringing the Jackpot to €43 Million!

The only lottery that stood out of the other lotteries was Europe-EuroMillion which was won after 1 lucky participant took home the grand prize of €21,449,918, bringing the current jackpot back to €15 million.

 You never know what the future holds but we do know that with our services at icelotto- you can participate in word lotteries worldwide, choose your numbers, guess correctly and win BIG!

We at icelotto wish Happy Easter to you and your family and much luck in the upcoming lotteries!


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