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Are you a High Jackpot fan? This is just the thing for you! Let’s take a moment to think about it- the US Powerball had rolled over this weekend and is now on $59 Million as opposed to the US MegaMillions which was won and now begins at $40Millions for the upcoming draw! These TOP two US Lotteries together combined reach a staggering amount of $99,000,000 and icelotto enables you with a chance to win them all! So what makes these two lotteries so special? How about the fact that in average these lotteries are the best-selling lotteries in the history of lottery ticket’s distribution?

Winning numbers for the US Powerball March 21st, 2015 
11; 16; 30; 38; 42  and 7
Winning numbers for the US MegaMillions March 21st, 2015 
7; 50; 54; 61; 75 and 7

Both Powerball and MegaMillions are the two largest lotteries in the US in terms of the number of players and jackpot size. They both offer similar winning and when jackpots reach the high tens of millions and hundreds of millions, lottery fever sets in and few can resist a chance to daydream about what they could do with all this money. Many try to compare the two by considering which lottery is better to try. The answer depends on how you define "better." You can compare the two lotteries by examining the overall probability of winning any prize, the expected return, the typical sizes of the prizes or even the cost of a ticket, but with icelotto you can purchase a ticket to both lotteries, sit back and let us do the rest. So what can increase your chances?

·  More tickets= better odds. This is not an attempt to make an additional profit. It is a fact. When purchasing a larger amount of lottery ticket, you will automatically increase your winning odds.

·  Using statistics and Hot Numbers when filling in your numbers. Did you know that the top frequent drawn numbers for the US Powerball are 54, 8, 9, 23, 25,28and 36? For the US MegaMillions’ the current Hot Numbers are 5 11 20 26 31 49 50 56 and 66!

·  A larger amount of lines= higher numbers’ coverage. Ok, so if you are not into purchasing several tickets at a time, how about a larger amount of numbers that will cover most Hot Numbers?

·  Wish to spend less and get more? Try Group Purchase! Here is a fun fact- 1 in 4 jackpots is won by a Group Ticket, for more details click on the “Group Purchase” tab when making your purchase.

Either way you choose, icelotto provides you with the odds, results and info- all you need to do is to pick! Make sure to check our site for promotions and current Jackpots. To buy tickets- click here!


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