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Man wins lottery 3 times in 1 month!

Man Wins Lottery 3 Times in 1 Month!

Calvin Spencer. That's the name. If you are waiting for a new baby to be born and are still haven't picked a name, well, Calvin Spencer is the name to pick. It comes with so much luck, you wouldn't believe  it.

A True Story, and Yes, it happened last month and we didn’t even need to search our archives to look for an interesting Item for you to read. This was published on all news networks around the world and in tons of languages.

Ok, this Spencer guy and his wife Zatera won a massive 1 million dollars playing the Powerball on March 12 2014.  Then on March 26, the couple won a $50,000 prize while playing the "Pick 4" game at Virginia's state lottery.

Twice bitten, once shy.Well,not in Spencer's case!

But it doesn’t end here. That same month of March, the Spencer couple won another $1 Million playing the state's national lottery scratch off ticket. If you really must know, they took the cash option for this prize which was $681,000

Now it's time for some math: $1M +$50,000 + $1M in 1 month = $2,050,000 in one month! Not bad for a month of hard work.
So whether it’s the name Calvin Spencer or the month of March or both, we don’t really know, but lightning did strike there, that’s for sure.

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We at Icelotto.com were wondering….When Shakespeare said : Beware of the Ides of March, did he actually mean: The ODDS of March ?


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