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EuroMillions 2nd roll over to offer 129,000,000 Euro

EU Euro Millions - 129,000,000 Euro Jackpot after a 2nd roll over!

Euromillions Jackpot fever is spreading around the world for this Friday, June 14th, Euromillions Draw.
Since the Euromillions officials announced a Super Draw event to be held on June 7th, The jackpot rolled over twice and now reached: 129 Million Euro.The Euromillions jackpot will continue to roll over if no winner is found yet it seems that with this mega huge jackpot, everyone around the world wants to be in it.

The battle between the American and European lotteries continues on who will offer the biggest jackpot in the world.
Powerball and Megamillions are head to head with Euromillions and La Primitiva lotteries as lottery players around the world gets the chance to participate on a total estimated jackpots of: US$ 334,610,000

US Powerball:

The US Poweball lottery climbs to US$85 Million with a 5th roll over.
This Saturday, June 15th, draw is getting hot as the American lottery start to close down the jackpot gap from the Europeans lotteries.
Spain La Primitiva:
La Primitiva lottery draw in a few hours, offers 40.7 million Euro jackpot as the jackpot rolled over for 17 weeks straight, that is 35 draws and broke the all-time La Primitiva jackpot record!
US MegaMillions:
The next draw this Friday, June 14th, now offers US$29 million.
Canada Lotto649:
The Canada Lotto649 Jackpot for this Saturday June 15th currently estimated on CAD$11,000,000 after the Wednesday jackpot was rolled over.
On the June 12th draw, 2 prizes of $123,463.30 were won by winning tickets purchased in Ontario and Quebec.


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