Local Offices

icelotto cooperates with many local offices worldwide! Every time you place an order on our site and purchase, for example, a ticket for the EuroMillions- our local European office’ agents receive your placed bet- purchase the ticket in your behalf then scan and upload it to your account! All tickets are then stored in a safe at our local office of that lottery and make sure to cash out when a win takes place, which is often done! The amount is then credited to your online account with icelotto


ICE LOTTO is always seeking more talented,Below you can find some of the work that the agents may execute:

    -     Purchasing official lottery tickets from official lottery vendors.
    -     Ticket handling responsibilities to ensure safe purchase.
    -     Collecting the winnings from the official lotteries.
    -     Advertising ICE LOTTO in area of the agent.
    -     Promoting the activity of ICE LOTTO in the area of the agent.

For further information and correspondence, Please send us an e-mail to: support@icelotto.com