EuroMillions Lottery Results

This famous European lottery can be played in several European countries who are members of the lottery. icelotto has made it possible for everyone to have a chance in becoming a millionaire overnight! The lottery takes place on Tuesday and Friday evenings. There are 13 different ways to win the Europe EuroMillions and a Jackpot cap of €190 million which makes it even more popular worldwide.

EuroMillions Winning Numbers

Prize Breakdown

Payout Per Winner
1 Prize
5 +2 Extra
No Winner
2 Prize
5 +1 Extra
3 Prize
4 Prize
4 +2 Extra
5 Prize
4 +1 Extra
6 Prize
7 Prize
3 +2 Extra
8 Prize
2 +2 Extra
9 Prize
3 +1 Extra
10 Prize
11 Prize
1 +2 Extra
12 Prize
2 +1 Extra
13 Prize

Euro-Millions Results Online

In order for you to take part in the lottery, you will need to choose 5 main numbers ranging between 1 and 50 and 2 additional numbers (Lucky Stars) between 1 and 11. There are 13 different ways to win and each Tuesday and Friday evening, Europe stands still as the numbers are drawn and a new potential Millionaire is born. Whoever matches all numbers as described will take home the big prize!

EuroMillions Statistics

Continuative usage of frequently drawn numbers will increase your profit in prize claim! EuroMillions’ most frequently drawn numbers are currently: 5; 14; 23; 30 and 50. The most frequently drawn EuroMilions’ additional numbers are- 3; 5; 8; 2 and 1. There are several ways for you to pick numbers for the upcoming draw: ‘Manual Selection’ – many feel that choosing numbers close to heart will improve their rareness and increase winning odds. We at icelotto do advise that if doing so- try to use the same number combination several times since that will improve odds rather than switching each time. ‘Quick Pick, on the other hand, is an easy choice for many lottery players. The computer randomly picks number for the player. Experts say that random numbers have better chances in winning and it will ensure that your numbers will not be repeated by any other for this upcoming draw. ‘Group Purchase’- why not share your purchase with others in syndication, allowing yourself better numbers coverage and a higher chance to win big? Just click on the ‘Group Purchase’ tab when making a purchase to turn any of your lottery entries. There are other players who take note of the overdue and most frequent numbers in their choice of numbers for the draws.