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€ 10,000,000
Time to Draw:
EU Euro Jackpot has one of the largest start up prizes for its jackpot at €10,000,000 which has the chance of reaching the limit prize amount of €90,000,000 during the roll overs. After 13 draws and nobody wins the jackpot, the whole prize amount shall be divided among the other 11 prize categories.
Hosted In

Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, The Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden
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Jackpot Type
Tax Requirements
Friday 21:00
5/50 + EuroStars 2/10
About 6.00%
Prize Breakdown
Lottery Starts From: € 10,000,000
1: 5,959,013
1: 15,134
*The overall odds of winning any prize in the game are approximately 1 in 26.

About Europe – Euro Jackpot lottery

With several participating countries all over Europe, the EU Euro Jackpot lotto is about to turn two. It was released sometime in March 2012. Nevertheless, despite being a novice in the lottery world, it boasts of a real high jackpot starting prize at €10,000,000. As of April 12, 2013, a year and a month older, Euro Jackpot recorded its highest jackpot prize won by a player from Germany in the amount of €46,079,338.80.

How to Play EU Euro Jackpot

Like any lottery games, EU Euro Jackpot has a series of number combined. A player has to make two combinations of numbers. One combination consists of five numbers chosen from a number field of one to 50. The other combination known as the Euro Numbers (supplementary numbers) is composed of two numbers selected from the number field of one to eight. To win the jackpot prize, both the winning numbers equivalent to seven must be matched.

If the jackpot prize is not won, it will roll over to the next draw prize. The maximum amount that the jackpot prize can roll over is €90,000,000. Organizers devise the EU Euro Jackpot to have more frequent payoffs. This means that the jackpot prize is likely to be won.

EU Euro Jackpot can be played onsite and online. If you choose to play onsite, you need to verify that the local retailer of lotto tickets is state-licensed. There are several countries that participate in Euro Jackpot. These European countries are Croatia, Estonia, Denmark, Germany, Finland, Iceland, Lithuania, Italy, Latvia, Norway, the Netherlands, Spain, Slovenia, and Sweden. In each country, the retailers are scattered in different cities.

These retailers sell lotto tickets and the players shall cross out the numbers chosen on it. After making payment, the authorized agent will record your number combination and print a hard copy for you. It is important that you keep the copy as it will be the basis when you claim a winning.

Online playing of Euro Jackpot is made possible by Icelotto. When you visit its website (, it will require you to register an account. Information such as your complete name, e-mail address, mobile and landline numbers, country. After registration, the site will require you to activate your Icelotto account by logging in to your e-mail account (the one you used in registering) and clicking the link given.

Once activated, you can play as many times as you can within the allowed period. Icelotto has a designated page for selecting your number. You can buy draws up to 100 and up to 10 lines. The more draws and lines you buy, the more discounts you will be given.

EU Euro Jackpot’s number selection page has ‘’quick pick’’ feature found at the bottom of each line and a ‘’quick pick all’’ on the upper right corner of the entire number field. This quick pick enables the system to select on your behalf the number combination both for the five numbers and for the two Euro Numbers. You can clear all selections including the ones chosen by the system and select another.

Of course, you can always prepare ahead of time your chosen combination number and bring a copy of it with you when you go online and play. You can also personally choose the numbers randomly.

Icelotto number selection page has countdown to the last seconds of buying the ticket. Online lotto tickets close three hours before the designated draw event.

Draw Results

EU Euro Jackpot results will have seven numbers drawn every week on Friday night at 21:00 in Helsinki, Finland. Draw results are posted immediately after the Friday draw on Icelotto’s EU Euro Jackpot result page, where all winning numbers are posted with their corresponding prizes. Also found on the result page is the history of winnings in all the past draws.

The minimum numbers to match to win a prize is three 2 + 1. This means that of the five first numbers drawn, the first two shall match, and the third number should match the first number of the EU Euro Numbers.

Prize Categories and Odds in Winning

EU Euro JEU Euro Jackpot has 12 prize categories. Below is the breakdown:

Category Guess Range Odds
1 5+2ES 1:95,344,200
2 5+1ES 1:5,959,013
3 5 1: 3,405,150
4 4+2ES 1:423,752
5 4+1ES 1:26,485
6 4 1:15,134
7 3+2ES  1: 9,631
8 2+2ES 1:672
9 3+1ES 1:602
10 3 1:344
11 1+2ES 1:128
12 2+1ES 1:42

Jackpot Roll Down

As mentioned earlier, once the jackpot is not won, it will roll over and has the chance to reach the €90,000,000 limit. If however, after 13 draws and still the jackpot prize is not won, the whole amount is disseminated to the other prize categories (11 remaining) as these prizes are also played on the same lottery.

On the other hand, if the jackpot prize has reached the maximum allowed, the excess amount shall be added to the next prize category. If the second prize amount exceeds its maximum limit, the excess thereof shall be added to the prize pool for the next categories.

History of EU Euro Jackpot Lottery

Before the March 2012 launching, the founders organized the lotto game in 2011 during a summit in Amsterdam where several European national lottery officials attended for the purpose of creating another European lotto game.

The first countries to collaborate with EU Euro Jackpot were Germany, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Slovenia, and the Netherlands. After successful negotiations, Spain and Estonia joined.

Claiming the Prize

Icelotto sends an e-mail for the breakdown of draw results which include the winning number combination for all prize categories, the number of winners per prize category, and the amount or prize.

It will also send an e-mail to all winners informing them of the necessary steps in making claims.