BonoLoto Lottery Results

The Spanish Bono Lotto is a 6/49 Lottery which is drawn four times a week! With a cash jackpot starting at €400,000 and increasing rapidly, this is a great lotto to play! The lotto is run by the Spain’s Loteria Nacional, to provide people with a cheaper lottery option.

BonoLoto Winning Numbers

Prize Breakdown

Payout Per Winner
1 Prize
No Winner
2 Prize
5 + Extra
3 Prize
4 Prize
5 Prize

Bono Lotto Results Online

The prize breakdown for the Bono Lotto is worked out on a 6 tier system. The first tier is the Jackpot level. Winners are those who have chosen all 6 numbers to match those drawn on the night. There is 1 in 13,983,816. The second tier prize, for those who choose 5 numbers plus the complementario complementary number, has a 1 in 2,330,636 chance of being won. 5 correct numbers, with a likelihood of 1 in 54,201, wins the third tier prize. The fourth tier is won with 4 correct numbers. Players have a 1 in 1032 chance of winning. The fifth tier is won with 3 correct numbers, and won by 1 in 57 players. Players have a 1 in 10 chance of winning a €4 prize when the have the correct reintegro number randomly added to their card, in the sixth winning tier.

Picking the numbers to play with Bono Lotto may be tricky for some, especially if you are unsure whether you’ve picked ‘good numbers’ or not. Why not let the computer do it for you? Using Quick Pick you can be sure that the computer will pick you random numbers. Statistically this is a better way of winning than choosing your own six numbers to play with.

If you do decide to choose your own numbers, it is important to know exactly how to choose for the optimal chances of winning the jackpot. When looking at Bono Lotto results, it has been seen that the best way to pick your numbers is with and odd to even ratio of 3/3, 2/4 or 4/2 and a low/high number ratio of 3/3, 2/4 or 4/2. Never pick all odd or even numbers and never pick all consecutive numbers. The chances of these winning are extremely minimal.